Kathryn Hendrickson

I am a PhD. candidate at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. My literary scholarship focuses on twentieth century transatlantic detective fiction, examining the ways in which the genre interacts with conceptions of authority, justice, and law – tying them consistently to questions of loss and irrecoverability.

During my years at Marquette, I have been an instructor for multiple sections of the courses that form the First Year English program as well as courses in the new Foundations in Rhetoric core curriculum and literature and culture. One of my major goals as a teacher is to provide students with foundational skills in writing, critical thinking, and communication from which they can build, both throughout their college careers and in their futures beyond the boundaries of the university setting.

My Curriculum Vitae provides an overview of my educational and career accomplishments. For a more thorough account of my teaching background,  read my Teaching Biography. Finally, the Research page contains an example of my pedagogical research in the FYE classroom.

 As you look around the site, please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.